runescape classic

i think runescape classic should stay on longer because rs2 is always get new worlds a rsc dont we need to support rsc somehow because rs2 dont have better picture or graphics and i just like rsc better cause its got better graphics.

I don’t know what rock fell on your head, but RSC doesn’t have better graphics than RS2. RS2 is 3-D while RSC is 2-D. Last time I remember, 3 dimensions is much better than 2 dimensions. Also, not as many people play RSC so no they don’t need more worlds.

then i think you should put 3d into rsc then and now see if that more like it

RSC is not 2d it is 3d aswell. Its not that bad. If you started playing runescape when RS2 was out you probably won’t like it.

Hes got a point there, trees and buildings

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dudes rsc is 2d only god look on it

Actually, although they say it is 2-D, it actually has some 3-D characteristics. I would not call it 2-D.

Think about it, it has length, width, height, and depth.

:idea: Aha! 2.5D! RSC is 2.5D :stuck_out_tongue: .

it would be nice for rsc to have more worlds… that means more monsters for my pker

i dont really c are about the graphics…its the game , i mean compared to rs2 well…rs2s graphics suck compared to xbox well personally i like rsc more ESPIALLY CUZ OF THE PKING :smiley:

I agree :smiley:

ow well…every body likes different kinds of games to me…rs2=ppl who like training and rsc=ppl who like pking