RuneScape Comedy

I never had a chance to make a “comedy” like story, so here goes nothin’!

Chapter One: The Beginning

There was once a guy named Carl, he roamed RuneScape all the time, through his perilous adventures looking for fun. He always hung out with his friend, Mark, who’s goal was the same, we now are at varrock, where they are talking. “Did you see that guy in the full Dragon?” Carl asked. “Yeah, what a noob, iron so owns him.” Mark replied. A random man walked up to them and said “You guys seem pretty smart, would you like to trade all you have for this 1gp?” And Carl replied “Sure!” So he traded with the man. Carl was broke besides the 1gp, and muttered under his breath “sucker…”. Mark said to Carl “Hey, I have some full bronze that you can have, want it?” And Carl replied “Whoa! Why have you kept that a secret from me! Bronze so rocks!” And quickly suited up in the bronze armor. They walked towards the wilderness while noobs were saying how awesome Carl looked, and Mark started to get jealous. Mark did the unexpectable, seriously unexpectable. He put a bag over his head with two holes, thinking it would attract a lot of people saying he owned. It attracted people, but they were lvl 80-120. Mark said “How do you like my owning armour, noobs!?” And they replied “It’s awesome! If you beat us in the wild we’ll give you all of our stuff!” Snickered the high levels. “Okay!” Mark said “But only if I can bring my friend, Carl!” The higher levels acccepted and they were all out to journey in the wild. The high levels started to attack the noobs, but only hit 0’s. Carl said “Aha! We are invincible!” And got picked up by a vulture, who devoured Carl’s body, and Carl reappeared in Lumbridge. Mark said “Carl, noo!” And chased after the vulture. The higher levels eventually got bored, and were going home. There were noobs following them that one by one were devoured by the higher levels’ swords, until a giant box fell on them. Nobody knew where the box came from, until Carl shouted out of nowhere “I beat those higher levels by cheating!” And he and Mark were in the bank surrounded by Player Mods. “Ohh, crud.” Muttered Mark under his breath.

From now on I will be using a different writing style, it gets to the point quicker.

Chapter 2: RUN!

Carl: What do we do?
Mark: I will throw the CD, while you go and shout some random facts about Chuck Norris.
Carl: What CD? They aren’t invented yet, and Chuck Norris doesn’t exist.
Mark: Chuck Norris exists, he travels through time.
Carl: Wow, a new fact for a new day.
Mark: Peanuts!
Carl: What?
Mark: I said peanuts!
Carl: Being rnaomd won’t help us now.
Pmod1: Prepare to face death noobs!
Mark: Oh yeah? Take this! (magically generates a peanut, but it does no good.)
Pmod1: You’re doomed…
all Pmods are promoted to Jmods
Jmod1: Noo! We can’t attack or anything, we’re Jmods!
Carl: Ahahaha! We’ll kill you! tries to lift battleaxe Ergh… Argh… A little help? Ah screw it, lets just go somewhere else…
They arrive in falador
Mark: Hey! It’s a guy in shiny black armor! I’m gonna talk to him!
Carl: Wait, no!
Mark: Hey mister, do you have money? Why are you killing a chicken? Are you making Chicken Nuggets? Do you peck like a chicken? Do you squawk like a chicken? Do you have a gobble-thingy like a chicken? Will I shut up?
Black Knight: Gnarly! I found some like, bones from this like, chicken!
Mark: Squirrel.
Carl: Shutup, Mark. Why do you say “like” a lot, Mr. Knight.
Black Knight: A-ha-ha-ha-wesome! I just like, got a new surfboard! Gotta check it out!
black knight logs off
Carl: He must be Hawiian.
Mark: Hey, I found a sword!
Carl: Try it out!
Mark: Hey, it has something imprinted on it, saying “This is not a toy, but a piano, or a piano string. Or maybe it could be a chicken wing? While I ponder this, beat the crap out of people with this. But ONLY, if you are completely random.”
Mark: Aww, I guess I"m not random enough to wield this!
Carl: What? Let me see what it says reads thing, you idiot.
Mark: Sea cucumber with a hippopatamus.
Carl: Just take the sword.
Mark: But, I’m not random enough! Flabbergas!
Carl: Yeah, but whispers I know Santa’s helpers, he has elves, and they enchanted the sword especially for you.
Mark: Oh yeah! Thanks a ton Carl! I am soo wielding this!

More to come! :smiley:

LOTS of grammar mistakes. FIX THEM OR ELSE!

I know, I sketched it down pretty quickly, NO TIME FOR EDITING. :stuck_out_tongue: Okay, I’ll edit them now, it’s not too hard. I thought I’d get a more better review like “it’s awesome!” Or something. Ah well, there’s always other reviews.

stop with the improper grammar! lol. But good story. I call making the barsiggy! but you have to add mine in it then. Deal?

I added a new chapter, I am pretty happy with it. I used a different writing style, it gets to the point quicker, and puns can be used easier. Hope you enjoy it! :smiley:

good story, grammer mistakes doesnt matter. i mean at least you can read it.

lmao, your so goofy Ece…

its really good… except for the grammar mistakes

There are no grammar mistakes! Mmkay!? I just use different terms, and maybe you don’t understand large words, mister. :expressionless:

I am not goofy, the story is, I just have a good sense of humor. :slight_smile: