Runescape...go **** yourself!

My account just got hacked!! Password doesn’t work…And the stupidest thing is, I can’t even goddamn see what question I’m answering. For recovery questions, the idiots say “Recovery Question 1”, when I don’t even know what the question IS? God dam it!!

Man that is cra*. Are you sure you set them correctly and saved them? And how did you get hacked?

I have no idea how I got hacked. I set them all right! I guess it’s time to quit…

In some ways I think that I should quit. I’ve got exams which I need good results in. Being hacked isn’t going to encourage me to play more.

Ok I managed to get my password back, this is my new bank:

Please…My friends is wiped…I NEED FREE STUFF!!

I got hacked and I resisted the urge to beg. Try not to do it here. If you have friends they’ll eventually contact you and give you stuff (I think). Good luck with recovering if you’re still gonna play.

Yeah I guess I shouldn’t beg…but still…I have nothing to start off with…
EDIT: BTW dw I got 5k now to start working!

This is a 2 person thread! I’m sure I saw Fruitybird viewing this earlier. Maybe you should kill a dwarf, get a bronze pick and mine? That’s what I did the last time I had no cash (before my hacking).

edit: congrats on your 700th post.

thats basd dude…there must be someone makeing pics and putting keyloggers on them!!

Is that possible?

yes on html but i think there is another way

But we can’t use html on here and most images are hosted on a proper image host.

u dont know if they are html

1- u steal deadmenwalkn joke
2- u r stupid
3- the one who hacked u is stupid because u r a noob, and don’t have more than 100k i persume

just my 2 cents