Runescape Guide!

Hello, we just put a guide on our site. It is in the forums, I am linked back to runescaperealm too. It is a gold guide, skill guide, merchanting guide, everything of a guide for runescape you can think of! Sorry, but you cant view it unless you sign up.

EDIT: I guess if you link back rule thing doesnt exist anymore. SORRY! Please delete.

i see…•°·.


i seen this may be interesting

Okiedokey, isn’t there a guide on here?

I dont know

Why do people make guides on their sites when there are already better ones on others?

Its a waste of their and other people’s time!

The one on mine isnt bad at all in my opinion, there is quest guides, and everything else all in one.

hey Willie nice to see you back

dont understand this thread though…

Thanks joey’09, I cant believe you accually remember me lol. Oh well. Im just telling everyone that we just aded a runescape guide to my site. It is on the forums though. And you have to sign up on the forums to view it…Understand now? :stuck_out_tongue: