Runescape has reached an all time low

ight i was at pest control rangin with rapid on then all of a sudden “congradulations, you have advanced a level in defense” … i’m like “wdfh no!!!” i did NOT use longraneg either just rapid… thanks runescape u ruined my pure.

Lvl 2 def now?

ya … :’(

ouch thats must hurt…

how did u get 2 def with “raipd” fire with range??? hmmmmm glitch

That stinks… get 10 def like all those high lvl pures jk

2 def doesnt matter that much i have 2 def by accident and 2 pray by accident

so wat it only a little defence lvl so wat

ouch thats going to sting you later

well…hmmm…your on a tower and your shooting something several feet below what do you think you’d be using? Longrange

dude chill 1 def lvl is 1/4 of a combat lvl

well it matters to me… i promised an old friend i’d never get it.

2 def IS a big deal , for all you non-pures out there with lvl 70 mains, getting def is really gay when you’re a pure.

pshhh its 1 def man it wont make a difference to your combat level

LOL you’re an idiot :cool:

i went from cb 51 to 52…

Ouch, that stinks man. That’s really weird how you advanced defense though, but don’t freak out over one defense level. It’s one defense level, life stinks but it doesn’t ruin your pure until you get 5+defense.

it may seem like alot now, but in the end its not a huge deal…any higher and yes it matters alot

You woulda got the lvl the next hp/ range lvl anyway. So it doesn’t matter that badly. I forgot Priest In Peril gave prayer xp and i got from 25-27 prayer but i decided why not get 31 for the strength. Just think of something you can do so it doesn’t look crap.


that happened to me with 1hit too but while i was maging it ws a total glitch it saucks