Runescape help websites.

I think this should be stickied.

Ok, I will include several websites to help you with quests, how much things cost(which a lot of people ask), how much xp you get for doing this and that…, where monsters can be found, where npc’s are located…

This would(should) limit the posts in the help forum.

Here are some websites I’d like to include: personal favorite)!)
And the list goes on forever.
List some websites you think should be included.

I just think this would help the Mods and Staff members and members from helping others, when they could look on this simple sites.

List this :

Thanx, ill list that.

y dont u add this:

RuneCrypt is rather bad, except for it’s very, very good Item Database.

A very, very good item db can be quite helpful, Thanx blazis ill add runecrypt.