Runescape Money Guides!

Ok first of all hi i have just joined the forums .

Now i would like to ask :

I have seen 2 guides on how to make millions in runescape from your ad bar.

Now before i purchase one i would like to ask:

DO they actually work?


^ Those are the websites ^

So , do the guides work, do they do what they advertise to do and are not just some scam?

Yours sincerely Barti Djinni

(Your replies are greatly appreciated)

I have never paid for one of these guides, but once I did one where I had to sign up for something and fill out a bunch of information before I got the guide for free and it was only 4 or 5 pages long and it didn’t have anything in it that will change your life. It just told how to get big bones and sell them, mine coal, and stuff like that. Maybe those guides that you pay for have more information, I’m not sure.

This was on one of the sites:

“RunescapeBluePrints- who is one of our competitors is only 15 Pages long!! And it is selling for over $7.00!! Runescape Millions is 80 pages long!”

Those guides are usually junk about basic merchanting techniques. Even though I’ve never bought one, I’m sure that’s all they are.

just look at sites for money making tips. and welcome to rsr, both of u i mean.

We will tell you how you can make 5-10 Million in less then 10 minutes!!!

That’s a quote from runescapemillions… now that’s what I call stretching the truth.

If they are junk , shouldn’t they not be advertised on this site. Because if runescape players come here for help and they see the links , buy the products then find out its all a scam this website is helping to promote the scam. :eek:

(which we still do not know , so keep those posts coming)

Are you talking about the Google Ads? If so, then those guides aren’t directly advertised and chosen by RSR. Those guides pay money to Google, then Google pays money to RSR to put on the ads which are different every time the page loads.

Well, isntead of buying thsoe guides to learn about merchanting which it will basically be doing. Pay for Keyser520’s merchanting classes(if they are still running)… :slight_smile:

The is the one that I used and it’s advertised on this site. People might get mad at me for this, but here’s a secret to get it without doing the “offer”. Go to and type in “Thank” in the box and click on the button below it that says “4. Download the Guide”

Those guides are quite useless, trust the RSR members. RSR needs affiliates, but we, the members, know how to make money.

dont buy them. there not so good. my friend bought one and sent it to me. it tells you noting you cant find for free.

well… what he said about finding it out… it took him months… lets just say, i think i know a bit of it cos, i have found a way to make 500k in 3 hours… and im an f2per

I have bought that guide but from what i have heard that is crap and so are the rest i paid $7 for nothing basically!!


Well, you can just say on help forum…“Need help getting money” and say like “how do you get money? I cant get any blahblahblahblahblah.” Then people like Keyser say “take my classes” And people say “make steel bars sell for 500 ea.” and some even say…sadly…“Go to this site (random thing like =P) and get like 50mil an hour by hac…I mean doing stuff like…lilke stuff liikek emrchanting because it guives you cash fast and it is really good nadn stuff yknjow what I mena its good and yhjoeull get millls!!”

Lol, just listen to nice people, not the hackers =P

heres my millions making guide, you will have high skills and at the same time will be rich. If you are a member cut regular logs till u can oaks, then cut oaks till u can cut willows. Here si when u begin to get money. While you are cutting normal logs keep them and fletch them. Do the same to oaks and when u get to willows u should b able to fletch them. If not just continue fletching oaks. When u can fletch willows fletch them. When you get to yews is when u make real money. You just get your magic to 55 then ur rc to 44. If that is too hard to you then just cut yews and sell them, u should have more than 450k by now. Get to magic trees and say bye bye to those millions guide, you already r a millionaire.

mutation, its not impossible to make 5 to 10 mil in 10 minutes… get a phat sell for 60 mil, buy for 50 mil… gain 10 mil… if there are people buying and selling( this is rare but CAN happen) chances are like 1 out of 1000000 million

i brought a guide which basically described merchanting lobies, buy for 100ea and sell for 150ea. I wont go into detail, but it wasnt very useful. It was also very out of date. It did however show me that u can make good money merchanting, but i just wudnt recommend lobbies. I wudnt risk buying any guides with cash. Theres plenty of free advice and im sure keysers classes are good 2, and wont let u down, like a guide may. My guides shud help on how to make money if u fancy a read.

i think the purpose of those guides is to be just what they say they are “a guide” not instructions, they are just there to help you make your own decisions about making money, and to help become dependant on yourself. i haven’t bought one of these guides myself, im very self-sufficient and most of my skills are over 60 (wc-60+, fishing and cooking are 68 e.t.c) runescape is designed to help you make more money the more you play it and put time into it. the guides are for noobs who can’t understand the meaning of patience

i cant make money im hopeless i cant even make 35k