Runescape - No Skill

I just realised that runescape requires absolutely no skill to play just lots and lots of time. Do you have to be skillful to get 85 woodcutting? No, you just need a heck of a lot of time. I wish that Jagex would make the game so it required a little more skill to play so that I’d be more challenging…

I’d say it does require some skill, like pking, merchanting etc…

well the quests take some skill… But the quest guides take all the skill away…

Maybe not skill but to know all about runescape… For trading and stuff… But yeah your kind of right. You ever has the most time will come out on top

i def agree w/ all of you there should be something in rs that not just any random noob can do, something besides heroes, champions, and legends that is rewarding to the beter players

I am plenty happy, knowing that 9/10 RS players are horrible, simply because they aren’t smart. You need to be smart to figure out how to make money sometimes.

yeah ive heard of the quest guides but…

i dont use em

it is funner if u try to do it by urself

however some r a bit too had but i have swore to not use guides so oh well…

and by the way, runescape does require skill…

merchanting,pking,and calculating out amounts

but u r right…rs does take aaalllllloooootttt of time


Runescape doesn’t really take much skill, but rsr does. It takes skills to make good signitures, intelligent posts, and stuff like that. It does take skill to do merchanting and quests on rs though.

Cooking takes skill…well, basic motor functions.

But aside from crafting, its one of the only skills that doesnt have a “pseudo-auto” built in.

Well I think PKing requires some skill. The fact that I die 40% of the times I enter the wildy compared to Blink’s numerous kills says it all.

Maybe you don’t need skills but you need limbs.

the skill that nearly everyone who plays rs has is knowing how to use your brain…maybe thats why i’m not so great…hehehe. but, anyway, ppl who play rs have brains. we can work out complex calculations to see just how many more iron we have to mine to get that one more lvl! we think about the stock market idea of buyin low sellin high. we actually sue our brains. and thats one fucker of a skill!