RuneScape - on PS2!

ya or even better on xbox live!

Holy poo! I luffs it!

cough my idea cough

I actually think Rs, would work really well on the DS, with the only problem being updates.

yeah that would bea problem but that would be like so cool if it came out on ps2 beter yet the xbox 360

Nice fake Jolio, it owns :cheerful:

wow, thats good!

I’ve tried to play it on my PSP but i need to get Java. I was able to download Java but can’t install it.

lol i have that picture on ym desktop

I like it but the thing I don’t lik about is the cut out word JaGex and Sony. I think it would look better if you cur it out and 1 px stroke :slight_smile: You should try making pixels. You will own :smiley:

Holy Crap! 10/10! Nice! That would be fun.

that would be asome play rs when i have to get off my comp!!!:smiley:

thatt would be awsome!!! noone but me had a ds until now!


Wow,it’s the 1337 eliteness pl0x.

I also saw a fake like this on Bits&Bytes but it was for the GameCube.

It’s still a good fake though. :smiley:

That would be nice :smiley: Nice fake :thumbsup:

Nah, teh PS3z0rz

Wow, that looks great! They could easily have updates for it, all they’d do was make it Online Accessable.

DUUUUUDE!!! best one you’ve done yet!!! that’d be sick if it were real…

:headbange flamable20