Runescape Raffle - Santa Hat

I didn’t know where else to post this, and I’m pretty sure its not appropriate here but I just thought I would mention that Runescape Boards is having a raffle to celebrate obtaining 4,000 members. Just thought I’d invite people from all over to particpate if they wanted. I won’t take up anymore of your time you can read the details here:

Those would all be some nice prizes to win…i may have to enter

I got to RS boards sometimes but you have to post stuff to get the gp things from the site to buy a dam ticket…

really? well that sucks. Guess i’m not participating

Yeah ya do unfortunately… but I know that there are a fair few members over here that are members over at RSB as well (I’m a pretty good example I have over 180 posts here) I think it is largely due to the fact that I own Runescape 100 which is an affiliate of both sites. Anyway there are probably some members here that have enough RSB GP to share around with all their RSR mates if you asked nicely.

I entered :slight_smile:

i thought u were’nt allowed to advertise sites…

less than 6 days till its drawn :huge:

how come it says an e-mail as ur account name? isnt that kinda dangerous?

I think advertising website is against GamerzRealm Rules…

yes guys, website advertising is against the rules, it would polite of you to not repeat it :wink:

Advertising RSR rival websites (I.E RHQ,, RSC…) is against the rules. Therefore this thread si against RSR Rules. It would be better just to have a signature/ bar signature instead of a post. Probably if you ask a moderator they will let you have this thread but you could be told off.


Well I do have a little signature thing as well - but I just thought I’d make a post about it as well becuase I thought people might be interested in winning some easy money. It’s not like we are saying “hey forget RSR - come to our site” more a “hey we are having a raffle if you want in”. RSB has more than enough members, many of which also post here, and we don’t expect people to participate in the raffle then leave RSR - most members of any forums and generally pretty loyal, and lets face it RSR is loads more activity than RSB so we’re not exactly that attractive an alternative in comparision to RSR.

ya your being nice to us but you can never win…peeps have high standerds here…everything gets flamed lol

isnt this against rules? advertising