Runescape realm game night.

Ok I think i will try this out…

When- Friday at 4:00pm central.

What- A party to test each other in our game skills

Where- The game room in the castle north of Talverly.

You can stake if you like but dont be asking for any free stuff and dont whine if you lost anything stakeing.

Post here if your coming.

I like that idea…nobody ever goes to the Game Room anymore lol. im surpirsed to see how fast it went out of style lmao. ill come if i can.

I’ll be there, watch out though, I’m the Runelink champion

Ill be there if I can, what world?

World 2! no wait…its…umm…77!..71!..26!

Oops sorry it will be world 22. Anyone one else coming?

i would…cept im no longer a member but i would try it if i was (never even tried the game room)

oh dam its members, wat do u do in there???

You play games like runelink (its like connect four) and draughts (Its like checkers)

Cool ill probaly be there!

The party is starting. You can come by right now.

cool idea man

Sorry guys, totally forgot, maybe next time.