Runescape Realm Party... TODAY!

Hey anyone interested in a Runescape Realm Party… just one to start see how many people we can get… try and find a remote location… so no noobs beg for money?

The wilderness doesn’t count! :wink: Bring your best armour…

i hope to see you there… if people would take screenies if we have one that would be well apprieciated…

we could do it today… just post a time, date, place, and world.

World 20
Date Jan15th
Time 12:00Pm central
Place Falador Park

Example it could be the time for this one i dunno… just post your idea’s…

lol, it appears we have posted the same topic, for we had the same ideas lol

lol this ones for today though…

i’ve got the times!

TIME 40Mins From Now
Bring A Friend

im gonna be selling beer and some apple pies there…

I should be there.

I’ll be there.

ok anyone else gonna make it we need as many people as we can please!

i dun wanna 4person party

one of my friends will be there in pure saradomin… :slight_smile: Hopefully we will see some people with good armour and many people from this site… its in about 30 mins world 20

ill try to be there

ill drop some rune larges

I will try to see if anyone in the game wants to go.

ok bring as many people as you can!

im here and so is dregon

ok get people to follow you were gonna say RSR party follow or what ever on world 20. i need people there! we may get people to join but hey we wont be advertising it will just be runescape realm rox. stuff like that… maybe calenels will be better later…

Ill try to be there. Is that a free server?

I have been trying to get people to come but i geuss they dont want to.

Yes it’s free server and some of us are already here…

3 mins till party…

just come… im sure high levels will draw crouds

i’ve got ales and pies so well have a good time… :slight_smile: it starts in 2 mins

I’ve got my pictures from today’s event… hopefully Vash9384 will join up with RunescapeRealm

that was too fun i loved all the games

oh i posted my picture on calenels thread “Realm Picture”
lol i thought we ditched this one because identical threads were made, anyway here it is:

Nice you got all of them to say cheese… well a good portion!