runescape ruining my comp?

ive noticed ever since i started playing rs my comp has been acting funny. like freezing up outa the blue when im surfing the web and stuff. has this happened to any one else?

agree. i found runescape music files at: C:<windows .file_store_32

yea i do think installing Java or just playing RuneScape lags ur cpu…happens to me since ive played RuneScape

it happened to me as well. has any1 else noticed that there are so many ppl in draynor these days its impossible to go 10 mins w/out a lag or loss of connection

off topic: 150th post, beat my goal by 3 weeks, time to set new goal : 200 by june 27th

Lol , it does’nt take a gd pc to run runescape…

I have never had problems with RS on my comp. My comp is just plain old stupid and it acts up at times. But barely ever while I am playing RS.

My pc is a good girl for me :slight_smile: never ever had any problems or is it due to the fact its not pentium 3 and below ^^ infact its not PENTIUM atall , thank god

my new comp (laptop) has a 300 gb hard drive and 1024mb ram lolz

mine only lags if im doing something else like msn or music when im playin rs

nope it doesnt happen to my comp =P

same thing with mine. my comp starts to lag when i am playing in rs (rarely) and i am listening to some music on yahoo. because i prefer music off of yahoo than that (what i think stupid) music off of rs.

well mines fine

is it heavy? lol

You want a biscuit? Who cares.

Anyway, your computer probably has very low ram, try closing programs and playing it.

mine dies, occasionally, only when i’m running like 4 programs at once.

Hey guys…Did you know, that the music on rs unpack’s on to your hard drive. Its some where on ur comp, you can even listen to it.