Runescape should have better graphics

i say that runescape is a good game but its graphics are not that good.

ok then buddy lets see you take a computer game and spend lots of money and make the graphics better. go ahead and have fun doing that mmmk

The reason its free for some is becuz its so cheap. WoW has incredible graphics, but it costs 40 bucks plus 15 a month.

well,i still like rs2 the way it is,semi-3D graphics,lol

Its fully 3d smart one, not semi 3d.

if it is,they y when i play ragnarok online,the graphics r a lot better?hmm…?

Do you pay for it? Duh noob?
And maybe becuz its not as big of a gameworld.

WHat the hell iw wrong with u,u pie head!even if i pay to be a member in rs,what differents does it make with the graphics,it would still be the same pie head,same box-like people and objects.and ro IS big in the whole of asia same as runescape.and ro is also popular than rs pie head.oh yeah,ur the choob.

Can you say…2 hour download and 10 minute start up time…I can!

i agree but it woudl jack the price up for p2p
and f2p prolly wouldnt have it

shouldn’t this be in suggestions?we need a mod over here

Graphics are extremely hard to design in programs like 3DS Max - They should use the modifiers like MeshSmooth more, and perharps some better lighting (shadows, etc) - Though please remember that even though you might not be a modeller (I am), its an extremely hard job.

and it would be hard to put full grahics and postional data one a sever of theres with like 100 ppl on it.

What exactly do you mean? It wouldnt exactly be…

well you can chhose between 2 tipes of graphics, high detail and low detail, if they did another one, it would be a waste of time, because it would take too much time to load and almost no one would use it, but if you want better graphics play wow, pay 45$ to buy the game and 15$ each month

dude, what do u expect? rs was made for low-level computers, not those 50 biggilion dollar pcs u all have. do u know how laggy it would be if the graphics were bumped up? and, most people dont even pay for it, so they shouldnt add the graphics. but its a great idea, just if its p2p only.

dude this game i think is as good as it is because of the way jagex made it…its not suppossed to be like Everquest where u lose ur life because u think u r somebody…the graphics are great how they are

see what i mean? people like it this way, keep it.

yeah,i agree,lol

thats because ur comp suks, not the game. it loads in 30 secs for me!