Runescape signatures

Post a picture from runescape and i can make u a cool signature with it for some Gp (not sure how much to charge yet but hey)

an example of my work(never done runescape yet)

Cool, I don’t like any of my RS pics, but here is something I found, I like stuff like this

I could make a sig with taht sure (lol i’m doing this cause sig making is fun and i need $$ on runescape im a lvl 63 with 6k lol)

Ok cool, Ill pay for sigs you try for me and make. If you can really make good ones you could really get known in these forums.

Name and quote plz

im working on the sig right now i need a name and quote

Have DarkSpider on it, and quote make it say 80+ combat.

The text is kinda but but ya here is the sig

I need to work on my text lol

Make the guy more visible, work on text and it would be cool

Ok i’ll work on it

Does this looks better (no text yet)

Looks a lot better, if you an animate make it flash on and off my text. And if u can show more of the guy cool…

Cause ur sig is pretty awesome, so ur good

Flashy text i havent learned how to do that yet but i can try to figure it out

and also about more of the guy i probably could but he might look a little pixelated since he’s small

try angry blue font

to animate the text just import the image into an animation program such as macromedia flash and change the text color over frames