Is runescape a form of spyware or not?

RuneScape has no security, If you require security buy anti-virus programs.

Why would Runescape be a form of spyware? It’s a game that’s supposed to be fun and umm… Cure boredom somewhat… (I’m not trying to be mean or anything…)

No, Runescape is in no way or form spyware

Runescape is a secure site… which means you will never get spy-ware from it… it also means that inorder to have this protection they need to be able to aford software and this requires cash wich they get through the ads which send tracking cookies to your computer… these tracking cookies are not a bad thing at all for the fact that they only show contact between your computer and the site and basically show’s them how much runescape has been using these ad’s so runescape gets paid… because our computers sendout a subnet ip which is blocked using a subnet mask to give the site a tracking cookie which they see how many times our computer has seen that ad!

basically runescape only give harmless tracking cookies from the ads

No, I’ve been playing RS for a long while now. However, I do know your problem… There might occasionally be a pop-up on the screen, about accepting a signed agreement from GATOR Corp. or another Scam / Adware site… DO NOT CLICK THIS as it could harvest even more adware or spyware; this worsens your problem. THE ONLY way this happens, is if your computer is already infected by adware: a program aimed to send popups like that to you bassed on your cookie settings. RuneScape is not spyware. It is illegal for Jagex to give their customers spyware, as with anyone else doing it. This is not a dire emergency, but it can be fixed. You can try using Yahoo’s Anti Spy, or one of the best spyware / adware scans… Ad-aware… Check the links below… The best way to stay safe on the net, is to ONLY visit site you are 100% sure are safe… Good luck!

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YAHOO Anti-Spy
Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal

if runescape gave spyware y would any1 still play if they no that there comp is goin to get messed up duh

Yes, this is also true… lol

Runescape doesnt need security. The Java Ap. has a firewall in itself, if you will. Because noone else but Jagex themselves can access their Java Ap. There is nothing to wory about… Runescape cant get hacked or anything like that… lol

Hope this helps :wink:

in many websites that include runescape it talks about spyware

by the way i know this is a dumb questin :?: wats spyware :?:

java ap. makes my computer slow

runescape has no spyware its just a game that is very addicting
i play it almost every day and no spyware has been found on my comp.
also get a spyware detector like xoftspy(thats waht i use)

i agree that runescape is rery addicting now al i have been doin is playin. my dad blocked it cause i played to much :cry:

Not a dumb question… Spyware is a piece of programming that can alow other remote users to ‘spy’ on your computer. (ie. record each keystroke to recieve private passwords or credit card numbers, have remote access to files you dont want everyone to see…) This nasty bug has increased over the years and is now more common than the common computer virus. 1/3 computers are infected with somesort of adware or spyware.

How can you get spyware? Simple. Spyware can lurk in any form… e-mail attatchment, download file, even just from a p2p aplication. The best way to avoid spyware is to be careful where you go on the web, and get a good virus scanner and spyware scanner… (see my previous links above…) Scan ALL downloads and ALL e-mails to be safe… make good decisions and stay off of unknown sites that my harvest these perstering programs. Stay Safe!

Hope this solves your question…

and they can see everything on your screen… like this program was installed on my brother’s and i’s computers where we type in the other’s ip and see everything on the screen just for me and my brother… not spyware but thats how it work

yes, but see unlike that person you probably will NEVER KNOW that your computer is infected. That is why it is best to get a spyware scanner and check your computer for such malicious programs…


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