Runescape Training

Hello all,

I am a expert at runescape and am trying to make a few extra bucks off the game:) I have been running a buisness for a while now that consist of training people’s charectors for money, if you have any questions on this you can aim me:disasterpieceoo email or even find me on ebay (joe56542000) where i do most of my runescape buisness because it consist of binding contracts so no scamming goes on.

I know people are very hesitant about there accounts this is why we should communicate first and see what needs to be done and how we can go at it.

Thanks much, Joe.

This is against Runescape and RSR rules. No account trading, no trading for real world items. You are also getting their passwords…
sickmate 8)

hey man, dont be scammin. how dumb do u think we are?

I know, thats true, but the only reason they have that is to try to keep item duping down, which they’ve done a good job of so far. I hope they keep it up.

I know it seems like a scam, so check my ebay. Read me feedback.

We aren’t all idiots ya’ know?

Ebay is against the rules too. It doesn’t matter if you’re not scamming, you are still breaking the rules.
sickmate 8)

you are pujols…jp =p
but you are just one in many of the everyday scammer sucm

Locked 'n Banned.

lol look at my flipping ebay, that proves it all.

uhh u forgot to lock it?

im pming iced now

my name is faukyou
my pass is uptheass

just another bad scam


my rsn is scamanotherbastard
and my password is stopbeingadickhead

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Watch the language kiddies, there’s no need for that.

~ ewok