Runescape Warriors Recruiting

Hey, my name is Joe, or Dragonlord78. I am 91 combat and currently training up and up everyday. Well, I just started a f2p pking clan, for lvl 80+ combaters. There are other requirments you can have, but those are the basics. Well, we are going to be a mass PKing clan, if anyone decides to join. If you join now the first 10 people to join will become Council members. So that is an advantage. Council members help make Leader discussions, find allies, and help recruit. They are also forum Mods. Well, the clan is currently one day old, with two members. Me ( Dragonlord78 ) and Sirmacsalot. Sirmacsalot is the Head of Council. Well, I know the clan is new, and has not alot of members, but in order to get and gain members we need you to join, and be active, and PK and post on the forums.


Runescape Warriors are recruiting

Leadership Team

Leader: Dragonlord78

Head Ccouncil: Sirmacsalot

Description on us: Well, it all started back at Demonic Legendz. One of our members scammed the greatest member there, which caused tons of problems, so DL either disbanded or I just left. I don’t even keep up with DL anymore. Well, I decided to start my own PKing clan, and not keep myself wrapped up in all their crap.

Well, RSW stands for Runescape Warriors. May be kind of cheesy to you, but I like it. We are a pking-based clan, and we are f2pers. You don’t have to be a f2p to f2p PK, just to let you greedy P2P out there know. Well, that’s about it. I don’t know what else to tell you. Just be ready to PK daily, or every other day.


80+ combat


75 + combat with 75 mage or range

How to post your application:

RS Name:
Clans you have been in:
Do you like to PK:
REQ. you meet

RSW Forums

Thanks you.

Sirmacsalot and Dragonlord78