runey workers // for all your orders \\

okay, well me(vladlenin) and a friend of mine have (dannykool) have decided to start our own ordering buisness. it’s called Runey workers. we take orders for alot of stuff so if you need any items etc this is the place to come to. we do all your orders as soon as we get them. the price list of the orders is on our forum under the topic named orders. we have reasonably low prices and have high standards such as mage logs etc. the link for our site is or (both work).

our feedback is 100% and we take every order serious. we would like to hear from you in the future with some orders, and if your satisfied tell your friends. thanks,


ps. visit our site .

forum link

ill be a perm buyer of iron bars and ores rsn:dark_raideri

k would be better if u post in our forum but nvm, just post when you want them.

big thanks to fatsam131 for ordering alot from us :slight_smile:

big it up for fatsamz0r, hihihi

nice business guyz, sam has told me bout you and ill be buyin stuff prolly wen i a runescape member :cheerful:

keep it up boiz!

ty m8 will do add me in the game you know the name :slight_smile:

what are your prices for the bars?!?

I’ll take 1k iron bars, and I don’t feel like registering there…
RSN–> nortnort

im lookin at buyin 1k iron or steel bars what are your prices plz

ya i don’t know what are the prices too??? :confused:

all you have to do is click the forum link and all prices are there :slight_smile: but i’ll post them here aswell :slight_smile:

okay here goes all item prices will be located below;


normal = 100gp
Oak = 20gp
Willow = 30gp
Maple =120gp
Yew = 310gp


Iron arrows = 25gp
Steel arrows = 40gp
Mithril arrows = 70gp
Adamantite arrows =130gp

Arrow shafts: = 10gp


Iron =100gp
Steel =250gp
Mithril = 500gp


Guam = 500
Marentill = 500
Tarromin = 1000
Harralander- =1000
Ranarr Weed = 6000
Irit Leaf- = 2000


Potato = 5gp
Onion = 5gp
Cabbage = 25gp
Tomato = 50gp
Sweetcorn = 1k
Strawberry = 2k
Watermelon = 2.5k

Guam = 1k
Marrentill = 1k
Tarromin = 2k
Harralander = 2k
Ranarr = 12k
toadflax = 4k
Irit = 5k
avantoe = 7k
kwuarm = 8k
Snapdragon = 4k
Cadantine = 8.5k
Lantadyme = 8.5k
dwarf weed = 10k

Mushroom Spores = 2k
cactus = 2.5k
Belladonna seeds = 3k
calquat seeds = 50k

note: we only sell seeds when in stock we will tell you if we have or not when you order


tin / copper = 50gp (1k limit)
iron = 80gp (1k limit)
coal = 175gp (2k limit)
mithrill = 300gp (1k limit)
adamantite = 1k (1k limit)


Bronze = 50gp (1k limit)
Iron = 100gp (1k limit)
Steel = 550gp (1k limit)
mithrill = 1k (1k limit)
Adamantite = in a week or so will be available


Full iron = 1k
Full steel = 3k
Full mith = 7k

if we missed anything please let us know and we will add it thanks have fun ordering.

note : limits have been placed on ores n bars as alot were ordering stupid amouts

ill take 5 sets of full mith plz

kk np ill add ya in game

am 5 full sets of bronze…

ok np matey ill add ya

hello… ive alreadi ordered in ur site… hwos my order duin?

username: 1434sweet

hmm there doesnt seem to be a post under that name :s. Are you sure you posted an order?

i dunno y it isnt der but i did… well ill tell u my order here… max order on iron bars

also… u dont sell ess or runes?

username: 1434sweet