Runscape teleport

I think this website needs a picture that directly links to runescape on every page next to the ‘runescape realm’ title.

What do u think?

then when ppl come here they can go directly straight back to Runescape.

Do you mean as in a link to the website or a link straight to the game?

At ‘navigation’ at the left side of the site, there’s a button that says ‘link’. You can go to straight to runescape from there.

Or you could have RSR and RS open in two different windows.

he does have a point there

Ye but it would still be a good idea

Well I was reading. You can apply to actually have the RS game on ur website. But im not sure whether They would allow it on a RS help site.

Why wouldn’t they? It would be more conveniant for rs players.

It might chew up alot of badwidth though.

i agree with him

ya it may take up alotta bandwidth…but depending on how big it may b a good idea

I think it would be a pretty good idea, Yet bandwidth is something to think about.Jacob has a point to, just have another window open for RuneScape.

Couldnt they just put a frame with in it? That would be like goting to but still be in RSR.

Duke has put in that ad for the runescape gold guide, so maybe he’ll buy more bandwidth. Who know’s? It doesn’t really matter to me if there’s a link to runescape on RSR.

i agree,

What do you agree on? There were so many things said here that unless you put thought into an answer, it is going to be considered spam.

The best thing to do is to not be lazy, and have Rs and RSR on seperate windows. Or even better, use the RS client Jagex has.

if you put the link next to the new posts thing on the home page it would make it easy 2 find and quick to get access to

Firefox or another window in your internet program. I know that that is unheard of but i have done it and it is great because i can MULTITASK


Wow. Is it really that hard to just type in the browser when you’re done looking at Rsr??? Or, even more obvious, do what people have been saying. Have two windows open. One with, and the other with Rsr.

I’m not sure the details about this but I think it is to actually run the game from your website. A perfect example is They are a free game website and you can play Runescape directly through their site, without getting routed to the Runescape website directly.