S1eepyz0ne's Super BaNkSaLe!1!1!

If You Plan On Buying This My RSN Is Immadspicy And My Policy Is First Come-First Serve.

Note:these are CASH only! Thank You!

1 Archer Helm~sold
1 Mystic Top(Blue):100k
1 Mystic Bottoms(Blue)~sold
1 Rune Boots~sold
1 Rune PlateLegs~sold
1 Rune Halberd~sold
1 Dragon BattleAxe~sold
1 Half Key Loop~sold
1 Acorn:5k
1 Maple Seed:25k
1 Apple Tree Seed:10k
7 Ring of Forgings:2k each
2 Ring of Lifes:4k each
3 Ring of Recoils:1k each
Shade Bottoms:5k
2 Chaos Talismans:5k each
2 Cosmic Talismans:5k each
Note: the gems below are CUT
18 Sapphires:200 each
Emeralds~sold out
10 Rubies:1k each
8 Diamonds:3k each
150 Law Runes:750 each

Happy Bank Buying! =)

Oh! And Have A Nice Day =) :slight_smile: :hyper: