sam 6125's bar shop.

im now doing bars.

selling these bars
bronze=10gp each
iron=30gp each
steel=50gp each

buying these bars

add sam 6125 2 your friend list

please note im not doing any work till i have please can i have some workers!

ill buy all the steel bars yu can get me at 100 each

ill buy steel bars 200ea

ill buy them at 250 each then

im buy steel plz pm wen u got em

kk ill buy all the steel bars at 500 each no more

for now ill take 1.5k bronze bars and 1.5k iron bars or ore which will come 2 a grand total of 60k.
rsn: baller big t

I’ll buy all your iron 50 ea.
RSN–> nortnort

you’ve won “the steel battle”.you will be the 1st to buy.

ooo, 500gp for a steel bar, wot a bargain but not for the N-Mister

alright how many can i buy at once?

mcker Ill buy them 510ea just get a lot first o.0

i’ll buy 1k iron bars pls

ill buy all u can get me of iron bars, the more the better

I order iron first, plus I’m buying for 50 each. So sell to me. Try to get at least 500 tho, before selling.

il buy all the bars u hav all kinds pm me
ill pay 20 ea bronze
50ea iron
100ea steel

ill buy all ur steel barz at 300 ea. add steve9100

ill buy all ur bronze for 25 ea…=)

ill buy 10k iron ores instead of the bars for 10each if u want. for 100k cash

hello… ill buy:

10k bronze bars=250k
10k iron bars=500k

username: 1434sweet