Same thing

:lol: i just need to know how to make it appear here:) my sig

This is stupid and I hope a mod locks this.

what are you talking about? is there a picture there?

this should be in help…i think

neway, he probably want to know how to link the sig, u shud enter in profile and put the link there

check the screen shots forum for more info if u need it :wink:

i don’t get it :?

you want it in your sig. What are we talking about now?A link to runescape?

i think he means a pic under ur text with the info i duno

like the sig you get from bits and bytes?

well no ones gonna knopw until he tells us so instead of posting the same thing over and over again y not wait till he tells us?

Because Stone Cold said so!!!
Lol. I dunno, maybe we could figure it out orselves by debating it.

no bodys debating it everyone thinks its the sig and we already answered his question which meens its unnessecary to figure it out unless if he says were wrong

wut is this. wut r u talkin bout yo

i think he means the thing under rafaels writing the picture

Hes not gonna reply. Hes a moron and just wasted my time by reading it and replying twice now. There is no pic there.

don’t start name calling now i will get it locked