Sanctus Legion Lvl 40+

Sanctus Legion is a new clan that goes on pking trips and fights in clan wars.We are in need of fighters, miners, smithers, fishermen, lumberjacks, and chefs. Our requirements are that you be at least lvl 40, be a good fighter in the wild, and have at least full addy. (during pking trips and clan wars I will supply you with some armor or weapons unless you would like to use your own) You also need to wear our uniform which is basically a yellow cape or if you are a member a fremmenik gold cape.If you would like to join go to our website, open up our forums and apply to join in the joining section.

(We are no longer a members only clan)

Oh and we are also looking for clans to make allies with.

Did your clan just make a recent alliance with the The Last Crusades or was that an enemy declaration? I can’t remember but I think it was an alliance permission… Just asking cause I’m in the Last Crusades and I saw that you made a post in our website’s message board…

i wish to join alliance with you. i have 2 clans that i own. “Knights of Saradomin Clan,” and “The Legion Of Gutharmak Warriors Clan”


same here i wish to ask allegence, the black sharks, i’m the boss.

hello adam

both alliances accepted

i would like to join your clan, my current combat level is only 37 but within the end of the week i should be near 50. im not a member tho… hope to become one soon

PM me on here or talk to me on runescape if you are interested
::::::::::runescape name: themainman77 ::::::::::

when you are lvl 40 contact me and you will be accepted

im level 40 now… talk to me on runescape or pm me here
thanx 8)

:twisted: muahahha…haha i like that emoticon…anyways…ive just became a new member myself…and i am more thenb a ltiel enterested in joining a clan…im a newly fisherman…my combat lvl is 60…with str 59…im also a ranger although nothing special of one at the moment…im more then capable of arming myself and suplying my own food at all times…if anyone would like a well experienced pker as an allie im more then happy to hear some offers… awaiting reply… :twisted:

“That’s right, you better get ur tough talk outa the way rat cuz im about to wipe that smirk right off ur face” :twisted:
…how i love fruits basket…

can i join im lvl 51 pm me on rs my name is sir bell220

you are all accepted and will be added to my website oh and could all of yall register for my forums?

ohh i am lvl 62,can fish swordies,mining lvl 50 coooking51
although i wear full black coz it looks good so i cant really join:(

you can join too

if you know any of your friends who need a clan and meet the requirements please ask them if they would like to join

before i want to join i want to know if u have meetings and when they are

Me and purepriest0 are leaders of a mageclan we would like to be allies our name is Rune Bashers…
My Stats are if your wondering:

hey lord valan i see you added me to the clan thanx… but theres a problem… u added the wrong name, justcallmethedude is my runescaperealm account, my actuall runescape character is named “themainman77”, hope we can get that fixed :stuck_out_tongue: thanx

yes, we have meetings the meeting place is the farmhouse just south of Falador and the time and dates of the meetings will be Friday nights at 6:00pm (Central Time). themainman77 has been added as a member and your other name has been deleted.