Santa Came To Al Karhid!

heres santa i hope u like him… rate him out of 10 =)

not extremley convincing but still nice work! :smiley: 8/10 for the organizing

no affence but…thats the most fake thing i have ever!!! seen on rsr …sorry

It’s not fake, though.

Santa isn’t black, he is fatter and he doesn’t wear a glory ammy.
Nice try though.

P.S your sig is too big.

Nice try I guess… Though I’m sure that’s the closest suit you can get to a Santa so good job on trying though… 8/10…

nice try, though i must admit, the ‘santa’ looks weird… good job though.

How long have you been here??? jk

7/10 could use some work

i tried… lol

its still santa clause so
i think ill give it a