Santa Hat For SAle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Santa Hat For Sale!!!

Starting Bid - 3mil
A/W - 5.5mil or Red Mask

Offers Must have ATLEAST 50% in CASH!!!

Accepting Full Black [t]-[g]—Full Addy [t]-[g]—Full Rune [t]-[g]—Full Saradomin—Full Guthix—Full Zamorak—MUST BE IN FULL SET INCLUDING [Large-Plate-Legs-Kite]—Green Mask as of 4mil—Blue Mask as of 4.8mil…


Add Xtr3m3 m1th

3.5 m… :slight_smile:

i buy for 1mil

ill offer 1 full set of black [g], 1 full set of addy [g] and 300k

ill pay 4.5mil cash pm me in game

pk mager af is leading right now with 4.5mil cash

when will i know if i have won

rofl at prodigy

ill sell for veracs brassard and skirt

i mean buy=) my fault

pyro i am not a member so no thx… so far the bid is being won by charlie gy at 5mil

EDIT:nm i cant, srry

did i win??

i offer 4.8m for the santa

charlie gy has dropped out so the winning bid right now is by im2smart4u at 4.8mil

w00t…can i get it now?

I’ll pay the 5.5M, whats your RSN? I keep my friends list on private, but PM me here on RSR please.

i pay 5.6mil

i got 3k more

i guesse 5.6 mill wins