Santa Monica College Students Pepper-sprayed

Campus police pepper-sprayed as many as 30 demonstrators after Santa Monica College students angry over a plan to offer high-priced courses tried to push their way into a trustees meeting, authorities said.


These kid’s definitely had this coming. I love how they just knocked the super obnoxious girl down.

This is ridiculous. I’d like to know if they tried writing a petition to give their opinions or even to have one person speak for all of them in the trustee meeting. Lol at the guy filming saying he won… Nope, you just got pepper sprayed and made yourself look like an idiot.

But he provided hundreds of thousands of people priceless entertainment. Often funny how some of the same universities that champion there ultra-liberal views of free speech tend to be the ones to crack down on it the most… Irony at its best!

Shit like this is a product of 4chan. I know you guys gotta get tired of hearing me ***** about it, but seriously, that’s the problem. They falsely told people we can protest anything and win, and these kids just made a fool of themselves in front of the whole world instead of solving this in a logical way.