Santa was MURDERED

Today in Falador Santa was murdered by a unknown Archer, when santa was hit the whole circle was filled with lava and explosions, we have a picture of the incident.

There is no picture…

I know i dnt know how to put a pcture up in the box.

there is no picture go and upload it onto and copy the [IMG] link. here is a good site for uploading:

say it very clearly and plz i am new at this

cmon just post the link and we can look at it or if u cant even get it on the net ur so dumb use

theres no pic.

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matvey, you already posted a topic about this, theres no need to intrude into other posts showing it aswell.

yeah u tell him/her


Please Make your own topic instead of posting on others…

Yea, cause not only is that rude, but its also idoitic (excuse my spelling), And Numenor, nice avator. Im thinking of asking my brother (since he’s really good at drawing) to make me one.


u should use

this should be locked really, it has no purpose, since the topic has been made there hasen’t been a picture.

its tight in the backround with the guy dieing…

(Rancid KnIGhts FOe life!!!)

learn how to use it then

guys this is getting ova the top i will inform the mods 2 lock it seeing as there is no pic

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