sara is going to die

this picture shows zammorocks fleet and is about to have saradomin destoroyed

its ok i guess…6\10

Is that supposed to be a picture or art? I had no clue what that was other than a bunch of cut/copy and paste buddies.

ahahahah thats funny lol

well done on the ctrl c ctrl v i hope it brings you much enjoyment

Lol celticknight i warned you about this…He just can’t make good fake screenshots

what a rubbish pic 1/10

pfft…You spelled “zamorak” as “zamorock”, simply shows how bad zamorak is and how good sara is literallysara is goodguys and zamorak is evil lol wink

It’s very uuuurr Imaginative, yeah lets go with that

Ah ha ha I used to love doing that with random things… Control C, then Control V… Mmm mmm mmm… Also it isn’t that great, sadly, lol I give it a 5/10.


You get a 10/10. A negitive 10 out of 10.

First of all you can’t rate it in the negatives… Lol and secondly don’t be so harsh dude. He tried.


Guthix Owns you all lol.

umm how come its dragon armor not zammy armor?

Lol, Not To Flame But, How Could You Dishonor Zamorak??? Ahh Well Good Effort…

it not bad 6/10. Guthix rules you all :huge:

its alright… 4/10

i guess its ok…3/10, u should cut down on the copy & paste a bit…AND SARA RULES!

That sucks…
I would give a better rating, if they were lined up like Storm Troopers!

Is sara going to be blinded to death by that cruddy piece of “art” (and I use the term loosely)?