Sara or Zammy????????????

Please vote and talk about it!!!

Neither, I prefer Guthix.

Well i like guthix because i have the armor and staff, but i ultimately prefer sara.

out of those 2 zammy…but i prefer guthix

Well, I used to worship Saradomin, but I recently decided to be a guthix, but i voted for sara.

i like red better

Ok are you talking about armour or gods if its armour i prefer Zamorokian Armour. But if it’s god i prefer Armydall… There are six gods Saradormin, Zamorok, Guthix, Zaros (but zamorok killed him) and Amyrdall.

YAY I am a smart **** :stuck_out_tongue: .

You say you are smart, but you aren’t. All I have to say is, “Learn to count.” You said there are six gods, Zammy, Sara, Guthix, Zaros, and Armydall make five. So who’s smart now?

:lol: :lol: Im pure Zammy but i dont hav anuff money to buy the armour!!! :lol: :lol:

Zammy 'cause he is the god of chaos.

are u guys talking about armor? if its armor wise then zammy no doubt but if its actual gods u worship…getta life all of u!!! its a friggen video game…fake…not real…getta life!!!

go sara!

smart? u cant count or spell :roll: its zamorak, saradomin, guthix, zaros and armadyl
go zammy!

Definetly Zammy because some people on the Sara team in CastleWars actually beleive in Sara 8O . I met His_Lordship(well,he tryed to get the flag and I was fighting him off) and he was like"I’ll be back for Sara!!!" 8O And everybody on the Zammy team was like"Its a game, dude"He said he was adding tension…Yeah right his_lordship :smiley:

no way man sara is defniately the best. ya go sara!

zamorak rules all!

can someone giv me saradomin staff and full sara goe sara

i used to worship sarandomin but i like guthix too but i voted sara

no! guthix is the best go guthix

Saradomin, it just looks good and it’s the best :lol: