Sarpedeons New, Poorly Done Sig!!

Please rate!! My First Sig That Makes RS Sense…!! I think!! :S Well Plz Rate!!


Lmao i’m not going to bow down to you, even my pure won’t, never! =p
Lol, cool sig.

Hmmph!! I Asked Nicely!! Background Turns To Nighttime And Lightning Starts Striking And Horrific Music Starts To Play MUhahaha!! Starts To Grow Into Demon
Turns Into Little Bunny RAWR!!

cough cough Sorry, Getting Off Of Subject! Lol Thanks Cibola :slight_smile:


Lol, nice sig… and i’ll just ignore that part about bowing down, :slight_smile: creative sig…

must trust the master ill bow to u

Lol, Hi master, I like your sig :stuck_out_tongue:

Woo! And The Best Part Is…Its POORLY DONE!! Rii!?!



Nice poorly done sig man. 10/10 on the pporly done scale :thumbsup: =P.

Woo! lol =)

Thanks all! TYVM [ELVIS! YEAH!]


it is fuy good work 9/10

thanks peeps! Any more rates?


Extremely well done poorly done sig…You did it on Paint…didn’t you?

:gangster: ~Raven

Lol, thats funny but poorly done :-p

10/10 :sour:

lol i like it!

yeeeeeeeessssss maasssssterrrrr… bows down maniacly

Isn’t it so good?!?!?!? LOL

I love the “WEEEEEEEEE” part.
bows Wait. Why am I bowing?

dude that is a sweet sig 10/10

and thats the best poorly done sig iv eva seen!