savage fun

theres a game called savage u have to buy it at a game store but its online or u can DL it at i think :)forgot u can demo it and dl it for free if u wanna buy its 19.99

its properly shit enyway

The graphics of this game look amazing!

but I dont understand why its only 19.99?

Is the storyline bad?

there is no story its just 1 cmm and rest peeps play as peeps and u fight the other team u cant play by urself its fun u should demo it 8)

whoa, looks really cool 8)
im gonna think about downloadin demo

nvm doesnt work :? 8)

Bump.Its on page 3!Its really fun game.Every1 should try the demo! :smiley:

Comeon it’s worth the demo!!! 8)