Save the buddys

lets rise up and fight the buddy haters

The buddys will prevail

There is already a anti-anti buddy revolution join them

Not this idiot again, hes such a newb, i dont normally say that, buddys are so long gone that even newbies like him dont really like em, they just use em for spam…

buddies are so 2004

Everyone that wants to copy my sig, just pm me.
Buddies will die! :twisted:

cut and paste buddys are dumb they dont even look like a runescape guy put your own charicter on not some fake one

o ya and im to cheap to buy your sig but i support the cause

Custom cut and paste buddys are cool.Cut and paste are lame.Ill join the anti anti revoulition.

yea…no, ill join the anti anti anti atni revolution

can some1 tell me how to get a buddy kit, or the link for it? please?

i dunno why u make those buddy wars…its so pointless…

buddys die!!(cut and paste ones of course) :twisted:

Yeah, the cut and paste buddies are kinda bad unless they’re done really well but most of those are custom cut and paste… Then there are the good, totally custom buddies whether they be RS related or not… Mine being an example of a non-RS related custom (Non-cut-and-paste) buddy… Thanks TheHighlyPKableOne… But yeah, most buddy haters just hate the ones that take no effort… I can’t really say much for those who hate all buddies, custom or cut-and-paste, in general…