Zach has done it again! What, you ask? Why, get another lady to have the hots for him. Yup, thats right. My wonderful charm, hot body, beautiful face…the whole nine yards, has got someone else to like me. :cool:

Who? None the less, then my teachers daughter :yikes:.

My teachers daughter, Melony (spelling…?), is a year younger then me, and is pretty cute :cold:. Slim, attractive, nice young girl.

Today was bring your kid to work day, and she had come in with her mom, my teacher. Melony was sitting around all day watching us prepare for our big show tomorrow. Well, my teacher came over to my table and started talking to us. See conversation

Friend \ I’m bored, can we eat something?
Teacher \ No, not unless you have soomething. We’ll be eating all day tomorrow.
Me \ Ah, thank god! I’m starving :knockout:.
Teacher \ (laughs)
(Teacher’s daughter comes)
Melony \ I’m ready to go home
All of us agree.
Teacher \ Why? So you can go tell everyone how boring your day was?
Melony \ No (shakes head)
Me \ No, she’ll just tell it in detail :slight_smile:
Melony \ Yup :slight_smile:
Teacher \ Or, you could tell everyone about this annoying kid! (sarcastic < ). This kid, here in the green track jacket (me) is Zach.
Melony \ I won’t tell them I met an annoying kid… I’ll tell them I met this really, really, cute guy.

True, word for word. I’m good :slight_smile:

I think you left out the last part -

Melony \Psyche!

Congratualations on this, you jsut maybe need to spend a lot of time with her, and the way we’ll notice is if we see your posts a day cutting down. :stuck_out_tongue:
Again, I say, congrats, you lucky dog.

… I just lost my girlfriend. :\

Your new gf is the daugher of your teacher?
I’d hide that fact from her if I was you. Wear a mask when you’re picking Melony up or something.
:spin: Kingofallpie

No, I’m not dating her. I’m still dating my old one.

Heh, nah, Ece. She’s younger, and she lives … far away from my county. Well, 20 minutes. Plus, my girlfriends better :slight_smile:

Sorry to here it…

Well I’ve never had a girlfriend in the first place. You’re a pimp compared to me.
:spin: Kingofallpie

Lol, and I’m what? 3 years younger?

Cool :slight_smile:

How could she like you if the was the first time you met?
cough You forgot the part when she looks for a pencil in your pants cough

Hey, don’t rub it in. My sarcasm tends to drive people away.
:spin: Kingofallpie

dude I wouldn’t go out with her untill term over because if dump her before exams your screwed lmao, well did you get her number?..well your teacher probably gave her number to you at begining of year…tons of teahers do, lol. while I dont understand…she lives far away from your country?..
oops just read you already have a gf :\

Lmao, you peoples are crazy. I’m not going to date her! For gods sake, I can’t decide between two girls, older and better looking, lmao.

Slip, she thought I was funny and cute.

Well you didn’t excatly “Score”. Score means something complety different to me if you know what I mean.


Score 1 for Zach!!!

thats an automatic A in that teachers class

I know Slip, it was just a fun way to say it :tongue:.

pm ME Bio of em both and a pictar of both and ill help ya :wink:

Nice, job, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue: More than what I can say for myself XD.

Score 55 for Zacharius :D.

we still love ya man :slight_smile:

wow, pulling the teachers daughter, lol what did you do this summer?
you’r daughter =b

Only have a pic of one on my PC, and I don’t feel like scanning one :upsidedow.

Just in \

My mom was talking to my teacher, and the teacher said that her daughter didn;t stop talking about me :tongue:

I feel a real Sca-Ore coming up soon :tongue::slaphappy
and get on msn :razz:

Damn your slick 10 year old charm is good. Teach me.