before he said “Congratiolations you have won the jagex monthly prise draw”

lol another scam

lol wata noob

I hate scammers, but i love scaring them into getting banned or something. I basically like to make them sweat.

hmmmm… makes me wanna try that scam… lol

lol…scammers get funnier and funnier everyday…lol…when are they ever goin to stop…

Haha, that’s hilarious and pathetic! The guy is so sad that it’s funny!

plz if you are going to scam some 1 get a cool idea

you might wanna reduce the size of your sig…

One said I was using offensive language and they needed my pass to check my “language data.” lol

haha thts great

never give out your password!!

:eek: BAD BOY! DON’T YOU EVER SCAM THE LITTLE NICE PEOPLE! Lol hehe, that was a stupid scam… Could’ve fooled some noob :stuck_out_tongue:


you have to be a real dolt to fall for that one

lol funny. never heard of the “JaGex monthly prize” before!

man…do they really think they could get sum1 to do that…

i hope u said u were from jagex…that would scare him like…like…if he was surrounded my a lvl 90 clan in lvl 55 wildy…o yha…tat would sacre any 1 if they were by them selfs…

hmm…u think theyll pick me?..i really want to risk my account for a brz pl8 and shrimp! :jester:

pathetic way 2 scam but w/e…damn i hate scammers

we all hate scammers…they pollute the game and make other non-scaming ppl quit

scammers these days r getting stupider and stupider

i have two things:
1: only trust them if the have a gold or silver crown next to their name (means they work for Jagex and u can trust them)
2: happened to me and ghave the guy my bros pass lol

u have to give it to him… the name is creative