if u see this guy called golden josh kill him he is a scammer

Neobase, can you elaborate on his scamming habits and what happenned to you? Or a friend?

I believe it is imprudent to avoid a player without some substance of evidence to do so.

Yes, really. I’m not gonna kill some guy just cause you told me to.

some ppl arnt scammers too,
i offer stuff that sounds like scamming, but why would i want theur stuff when im set with rune?

What world does he play and why is he a “scammer”.

this topic is useless and should be locked
andyway, i always do stuff that sounds like scamming. like, i get people to cut me gems for free - not once have i been scammed
if i was, id report them
sickmate 8)

u cant get reported from a scam trade! are u serious?! like its ur fault if u accepted the trade in the first place.
and this is a pointless topic.
You dont have any proof of this what-so-ever.