I am currently writing a guide and I am going to inculde every scam thats been made, thought of, used, and been successful. I need everyone to put the scams they know of in this post. If you do this we could make it so people are more aware of common scams and unusual ones. Also if you have been tricked by things like: not being able to use stakes in duels ect…

Well the duplication scam should be pretty obvious but hmm… I don’t think that there were some scams going around when rune first came out… Oh… Here’s one… In RSC, Steel bars and Iron bars looked really similar… A lot of scammers used this as an advantage to bring out the “People who didn’t check whether the bars were steel or iron and then got scammed in that” scam… You could also include the “Look! Jagex blocks my password ******. Wow” scam and the armor trimming scam… I’ll let you know if I think of any more…

When they say they are Jagex and they say give me your pass and log out for a while and your account will be safe.

I got 1. They will say ‘selling rune pick for 20k’ of course that is a ricidulus price so you will trade. It will b a note He will decline and say ‘dam my computers slow’ ‘trade agn but hurry’. Instead he will put a addy pick in note (which looks similar to rune pick).

People put up iron stuff instead of rune in notes which look like rune. There’s one.

same with addy. rune and addy in notes look similar

People say shining armor and weapons for free thats a new scam.

Stickied as per request. This is also a very important topic!

Of course, there is the basic scam, armor trimming! Armor trimming is a scam, no one can trim armor. Only members can get trimmed armor from treasure trails, and non members can buy that armor from that. No one can trim your armor for you!

There is also that long one in members mostly where somebody shows you a lot of stuff like masks, santa hats, god armor, etc. They decline the trade and say they’ll trade it all for like an eye of gnome. Then their friend says selling eye of gnome for 200k or something. So then they try to trick you into buying the eye of gnome, then the guy who showed you all that good stuff doesn’t trade that stuff, so he and his friend(s) just got what you traded for that eye of gnome or whatever.

This is a good idea, all the scams i know have already been said, like the iron and rune trick,armor trimming, oh yeah! Here is another one:

You are selling an item, say, a rune kite. Someone trades you and offers a rune plate and accepts. You go up to accept when they immediatly take out the plate and accept, they time when they think you will click accept and take out the item really fast and press accept again.

Usually, scammers who buy stuff from people (Stuff thats worth 10k or something and up…) will usually get to the second screen, reject, go back and lower it to 1k or something and such so be sure to watch out for that… Also, I would think that people who pull off similar scams, like the one I mentioned above, would re-put in a mith item (From the original rune item) since mith and rune are both blue… Mith being a darker shade of blue rather than something like addy which is a kinda dark greenish color but I think I can see where you’re coming from… But yeah, way back then when steel wasn’t considered a common set of armor, people would pull of the steel item to iron item scam… This being 4 years back in RSC without the second trade screen, made successful scams a lot more possible than the RS of today… But yeah…

When they say they are Jagex and they say give me your pass and log out for a while and your account will be safe.

LOL, there are so many variations of this scam and they are so funny to be in… The person goes along with the scammer’s scam and then the person just casually tells the scammer that Jagex wouldn’t do such a thing and then the scammer starts to yell out “YUO NUOB!!!111 tis’h ins’;t sCMA YUrsu hjc nBoo…” and then the person just casually reports the scammer while getting a laugh out of the recently failed scammer… But yeah… There are many variations of that scam but of course they almost never work… But then there are people out there who try to sound like Jagex workers and try to fool you so you kinda have to watch out for those “professionally” sounding Jagex impersonators…

one mroe is for classic they put up enuf muny to fill up 1 space and put needles because u can barly see them and it make them got a lot more muny while u think ur getitng the good trade it happend to me once i thought i was getting a rune pl8 for over 100k and im like wow and then once i accepted i found out that i got like no muny but good thing it was only a rune pl8 eh?

ive had two jagex scam happen to me one was some stupid guy claiming he was a admin with a stupid name and told me that i was reported about item scamming and then to then he asked me if i could log in, in your account to clear this up and i said go ahead and he said give me the pass and i told him that just check in the database and he said it has a virus then i told him what is logging in my account suppose to prove and he said some bullshit like im gonna check if you got the item that was scammed and i said the proves nothing then he said your banned and left

another one was you one a prize so would you want to claim it now and then he said to give it to you i need to login into your account to give you the item and i said for what and he said i have to go into a secert room to pick up the item and i was like why dont you just trade it with me and hes like only one person can get it on a account and then i said if you were a part of jagex staff you could get the items without loggin in the account and just make it appear out of no where and then just ignored me

Free Armour Trimming is one
Free Gem trading (only not a scam if player is above the combat level 20 but there are some people under 20 that dont scam but rare)
Enchant Armour
Enchant Staff (only members can have this)

Free gem cutting is a scam. Only do this if you trade your uncut for an cut or vice versa

There are so many scams out there. Make sure that when you’re trading you’re getting what you traded for! Move your mouse over the item and read the label to be sure. It’s better to be safe then sorry.

One that I almost fell for involved a clan. Someone will pm you and say his spies have been watching you and saying you are good. He will tell you about his clan site and for you to join. When you go to join, you will type in your info but the thing won’t go through. So the guy will ask if you sent it and you will most likely say it didn’t go through. He will then say he can do it for you, so he will ask for a password and say it has to be your runescape password. He might also say you get a prize for joining the clan.

There are so many scams out there. Make sure that when you’re trading you’re getting what you traded for! Move your mouse over the item and read the label to be sure. It’s better to be safe then sorry.

I’ve heard some stories where scammers have switched monetary value on the trade screen without the person ever noticing… It’s like they switch it right before both people accept… Apparently, it happens so fast that the person never catches it so somehow you have to watch out for that…

is a priceless one
“wanna know how to clone items? press alt f4 together or ctrl w”
this is a good one:
put 5k yews in at first
then put oak or willow up
and the people will buy 300 each

i did free gem cutting before, but i didnt scam ne1.

another type of scam is the temple of the wine of zammy. the scammer tell you that the wine is worth 100k or something like that and then u try to grab the wine, the monks attack u, the scammer close the door… when u really realize that its a scam, hello lumbridge!

it happened with me some weeks ago, i reported the scammer but he didnt get banned… :frowning:

thats not a scam! u can only report scams if they said it example: drop a item and press alt f4 to clone it

yes it is, when u die, the scammer get all ur stuff! if u have a skull over ur head…