I was training fishing at fishing guild and this happened:

This is my first, but i was lucky to escape.

BTW, Bob the Jagex Cat and Evil Bob are Zaros.

I hate that, first time I got it I had no idea what to do

It happened to me at the blast furnace. Took up so much time.

I get these so much. It’s very annoying. But atleast you get a small amount of fishing exp.

never happend to me =( wish it did though

how do you get out?

i did it but to my surpise another person came right after =]

Wow. I’ve never gotten that before. It would be interesting if I got it. I wouldn’t know what to do and I would be trapped on that island forever.! Use to get out!!!

He got out =\

Looks like fun, Zaros is teh cool =).

I got 5k fishing exp when I did that. “You feel a little better at fishing” is what it said.

lol, wlecome to scaperune. I’ve never encountered that event, so I can’t say anything about it.

I’ve only gotten 1 of those and it was relaly weird cuz it was right when i logged in. My pure gained some fishing lvls lol

I’d love to go to ScapeRune - It looks cool!