i hate stupid runescaperealm. it sucks, its worse than all the rest of the websites. like and and runescapevillage
i hope this website gets off the internet, omg it stinks!!!

please stop spamming…mods pelase lock this

Well, rsr pwnz you, so you will get banned for posting a stupid topic…and because of what you siad about the site. If you dont like it, then get out!

Bye… your sure to get banned soon…

why did you come here if you dont like it?

Leave now and never come Back!

Before i go… uhg… :evil:

it stinks!!!

so no1 here thinks it stinks!!!

c how freakin stupid rsr is, they r never gona ban me, i got banned last time and i had 976 posts, and the stupidly banned me becasue they thought i was stupid so i hope they suck balls

lol, c, they havent baned me yet

every time I see something like this I just say its only an opinion but i don’t no why

u will get banned believe me so bye bye uve tripple post and u also did 4 posts in a row and u call me stupid and rsr stupid so u will get banned

i just laugh becuase, they get ana ccount, post and diss it, than get banned and reapeat… it proves they have nothing to do with their time and that they are either 50 or 6 and leanred new words

dude, beat it :evil: :evil: :evil: get the hell out of here

Hirsr see that pretty red ‘x’ on the top right corner of the screen? Click that and don’t come back!

Then dont come here anymore.