It takes half a bar, it seems to be more powerful and accurate than the normal attacks, that’s what this lady sez. And it’s great for pkin, cuz it makes you unable to run! Thanks for joeluck for this info. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I just checked RS’s manual. here’s a quote:

Dragon Scimitar - Sever
This attack is more accurate and, if successful, will prevent your opponent from running for 10 seconds.

Comments are welcome!

Lol nice dude.Thats an awesom sp attack,i thinkits probably better than dragon long…

Yea nice but what lvl what that lady? did u catch her at a bad time cus she only hit a 12 and i cant hit 12s with a dragon dagger…

yeah the d scimmy special makes u unable to run, i had it done to me by somone in dueling arena.

when did they come out with the d schimy?

today! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

yeah lol… when i first saw the topic i was like “…more fake pics?” but now that it’s real! :smiley: Awesome sp attack… and the anti-running thing is like u said perfect for pking :stuck_out_tongue:

that is sweet that your opponents cant run.
but dude i can hit like a 10 w/ addy long sword… she musnt have been that high of a level. but still that is sweet. :twisted: :twisted:

I think people get more d scimmys than d long because its best in pking.

wow cool! how much do they cost?

yea how much are the d scimmys, i really want one

kewl yo!!!

awsome special attack… prevents your opponent from running away…

I’m in a bad mood right now, but I’ll answer this nicely. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, let’s suppose your maxhit is 15. But you don`t always hit 15 do ya? no, because otherwise strenght would be too important. that Lady can probably hit 20-23, but I just “snapped” a screen when she did low damage. :wink:

Yeah, and besides. It doesnt matter how much damage the attack does; its the not being able to run away thing thats important. You might be able to get 1 or two hits in that time, and you could probably deal over 60 total damage with it (note I said TOTAL, not in one hit)

um…is it just me or in the pic that sword(sword not attack) look like a d long?

EDIT: Hello from the future! The date is November 3rd 2007, and I would like to apologize to all of you that might read this ill fated post.

Look in the corner of the picture brown wall.

Also, the long has a flat point. The scimmy is actually quite pointy.

lol my dear friend traded his d long for a d scimmy, having no idea that he had to go thru this hard quest, monkey madness :lol: poor kid :stuck_out_tongue:

if neone wants i can sell a d scim only 120k
srry nif this is off topic but they were asking

That IS out of topic, and besides, they’re only 100k.