Scrabble: Mutacm vs Keyser

Keyser has won



screen3(this is the final score)

It’s on Consonnat Creek on game 94 I think

We’re playing for 10 million… I’M SO NERVOUS!!!

Hehe, I’m there :stuck_out_tongue:

Keyser is ahead by like 40…

//\lots of gold crowns here now back to topic ill see if ican post some screens of the game as it comes along

Who’s winning?

keyser is ahead now ill also post the scores as they come along from now on

Looks like the poor MutaCM will be 10m down in a few minutes.

i cant see the pic did keyser win?

the last pic is not on yet

Yea because the pictures don’t open.

Im there too…

Im playing sou1ess :stuck_out_tongue: so who won? I saw keyser playing for a min but lost it really fast… is it still going?

Here is the final score in blown up mode :stuck_out_tongue:

// hat isnt the real score you guys cant really read can you it is still going on

You were saying…?

muta is mIA

Mutatation disapered on scrabble lol.

i haven’t posted that pic see that every pic is under the name and there is no pic under that

Umm…NO clue where he is…anyone seen Mutation?