well hey every1 i have made this thread cause i need help wif my assignment i need to make a website! how is easy is dat so i am gonna make one bout runescape like dis one and all that stuff so yer i need ur help but only at this point i need screenshots of the followin;
-great lookin ppl
-ppl wearin great armour
-max hits
-and any other types of screenies like;
-quest completions lvl 99 skills
-places of runescape like enemies like kq
white knights and all that also the towers just so ppl have a good idea and a great first impression of runescape so we can get more also on the site there is gonna be forum sites. so this will be on der and hopefully new pppl will come along and meet u so basically post any scrennies u got
(espically the armour, items, special places, skills, monsters and many more!)
things like dat can u add in the pic and put in the php code

i will notice every1 in another thread that has made it through to my site (hopefully every1!) also the site will be posted in that thread to