This is my 7,001 post, which means I’m past 7k :slight_smile:

Under a year. I’ll be here a year Thursday.

Congradulations Mageh! I’ve been here a year too. :smiley: And get the PM I sent you?

You post too much :c
I almost have 3k and I’ve been here over a year.

Ive almost been here almost a year… look at my posts :blush: lol. I view more than post hehe.
Gratz on 7k.

I’m talkative. I post and all that :smiley:

Good job mage! Now beat Keyser! :smiley:

well why not eh?
just give magekill a week and he’ll probably beat it lol jk
gratz on 7k posts

lol…ksouth/seoulspirit combined only got 1.3 k somthing posts…been here 2 years:eek:

coughIalwaysKnewYOUspamMoreThenIDoCough :stuck_out_tongue:

danm 7k posts in 1 year, you post to much dude

lol…hell rpob pass keyser520…lol…maikel…spamming and spamming are 2 differant things and ure gunna have to get over it:D

Congratulations MageKill, on the big 7,000. In my opinion you post too much. =/

What on earth would give you that impression? XD

Rofl. That was sarcastic, right?

I have to agree with that, Alias. ^^ The last post.

Eh, I’m cutting back mucho. Its nice out. I’ll be outside.

wow congratz :smiley:

nice w00t go mage ive been here over a year and dont even have 1k yet

I barely have any posts… BTW has anybody seen Leila?

hey! stop posting! i need to be the major spammer on rsr! 0.0! stop!!1 my title! oh noes!!!

gratz on 7k dude :wink:

goku-me and nesta gonna take you out:D…jk:D

he is now at 7,035…wow…we need a counter on this stuff:D