Second Full Drag Pk ive seen

Read the whole post this wasent me who got the kill

this guy got the kill because of bug abuse. there was a bug at the abyss and mages could attack people in there. and since u automaticly skull when you enter. this poor guy lost his full drag to this bug abuser.

thats sucks but u gotta watch out for those things ive been told their correting this now

it was already corrected

omg man full drag did u split with clan blink

omg…read the post

:frowning: thats mean lol
i hope that guy is banned for bug abuse forever

dam that really sucks

Full drag?

Do i see platelegs?

ah thats a shame… jagex should check these things over an over… cept they dont have the time

Wow, stef must be seriously happy :wink: i would seriously love that!!

Nah I was reading and I think hes giving the armor back.

He’ll be lucky if hes not banned.

Why would he be banned if he was a victim of the bug?
Ahh well that would seriously suck losing all that…

Apparently stef has been temporarily banned and the full drag has been returned to its rightfull owned.

That’s just cruel lol :P, and that place looks cool, gotta go there sometime. Well, maybe not.

~ ewok

Looks cool, but very dangerous for me even when the bug might be fixed!

dang thats unlucky and i hope the mage who did that gets banned

dang thats unlucky, but where is that place?

that would suck

tom it looks as if its near abyssal demons because of the name of the monster

yes, but the map at abyssal demons is completely different.