Second maze today

This time i had a friend.

I got 88 deaths and 445 iron arrows this time.

Lmao, wish I had a friend in the maze with me! :frowning:
Congrats on you second maze today!
Oh, and that’s a pretty good reward too.

Yeah, i think its better then my first reward.

My first reward was like 2k iron arrows, which I later sold for around 60k gold.

argh ive player 6 months never got a maze or mime :frowning:
sickmate 8)

grrrrr…ive bee playing for about a year(i think i dont really knw) and i’ve never got a maze neither a mime! wdf is up with that?!

I’ve played over 9 months, and I’ve gotten two mimes and two mazes! :slight_smile:

i went a year and a half without a maze of a mime then in one day i got 2 mimes 1 maze and 4 rune meds from lessers

All that time finally paid off!
Or at least some of it…