see if u can pass the test..

plz rate 1/10

I have done this before lol I passed it I will rate it 8/10.

9/10 FUNNY

9/10 here

u really passed!!! i mae it like 2 seconds b4 i cracked up :oops: :oops: :oops:

keep rating!!!

It wasent hard to pass easy i think

it was hard 4 me!!! lol

Lol that was like soooo easy…ive herd it like 7 times so its easy to pass.The first time i herd it though i cracked up in like 2 secs lol.9\10

its hilarious man
didnt pass

i passed coz i hate f1 and i dont like crazy frog much

I took the test before and failed it… Sorry but to contrary belief, I’m not insane… Though at times I wish I was… But 9/10 I guess even though I failed…

umm…eay to pass. i dont see what the big deal is,…

I dont know if u can get the crazy frog in the states but in the UK everyone is kind of bored of that crazy frog sigh ( i know i am ). if you havent seen the full thing i suggest looking at it. the video is what makes the whole thing funny(ish).
theres the video of it! enjoy

9/10 here.

ok #1 i passed it easy
#2 it was still very funny
#3 i rate it 6/10

Normally, I would pass, but I’m really, really not in the mood right now.

~ ewok

Haha, that was hilarious, though i passed the test. It was actually… kinda easy… 9/10

lol i showed my mom and she didnt even get a single but close to passing it

i didnt pass, 8/10 its rly funny, ui like the mad frog more tho

yeah i like the frog more too!!!