Seed Of Chucky

This movie is not even scary.
It is so hilarious I was aughing through the whole movie.
Their son is a wimp who has an accent.
You better see, it isn’t even scary lol., more like comedy.

Ya, its hillarious… My cousin and me almost died laughing :P.
I love it when they’re in the hummer :F .

Wait, is this like a chucky movie with the freaky doll?

Yeah in this movie Chucky has a funny humor.
Aswell as Chucky Bride, but they are still violent.

yea it wasnt really ment to be scary. i thought it was pretty gay

I didn’t see it, I’m glad I did too. I know a bad movie when I see one, and I’m 50% right about this half the time looks idly around.

Dude trust us on this one its 99% not scary… Only the beginning is kinda and Im 11 years old and I laughed almost through the whole thing :P.

Ye I am same age as you lol.
The beginning sounds a little scary.
Also it shows nude, a girl rofl!

I’m 12 years old just turned. ): But I dont wanna see Chuckie … :\ Even thugh he looks awesome.