Seeds and herbs

where is the best place to sell seeds and herbs at the same time?i have ALOT of seeds to sell and some herbs to sell too.

Here is the best place, put what u have and how mcuh u want.

ok i know how to take a pic of my seeds and herbs but i dont know how to et them from there to here

Do you have any guam, marrentill or tarromin? I’ll buy if you have

yes i have tarromin not many but i have some.i think i may only have 5 or ur price

how about 500 each?

umm sure i only have 50 tho.

Ok, I’m online now, you around for trade?

darn i couldnt type i meant only have 5 buyt i yua still wanna trade then ok

got any rannars or strawberrys?

oh yeah man.add stieve_666

Hi, you got anymore guams or tarromin? Same prices as I gave you last time if you have?