Seeking clan

im looking for a good active clan too join im lvl 54 warrior msg back if u r interested and the lvl of the clan leader
P.S my magic is 30 if a mage clan wants to accept me…
plz reply here if u would like me to join or message me in game my name in game is: zombyra97
i am also a member :twisted:

You can join the darkknights clan! All details are on our website which is…


:twisted: I’m looking for offers to join a worthy clan… :twisted: i dont think im hot shit or nothin :twisted: i just want to join a clan that doeanst just except any fool with a weapon…non meaning to affend anyone…im lvl 61 with with 59 str…for now…i fish for myself and suply myself with food and suplies at all times…im a well experienced pker but i havent joined a clan…so if theres anytakers id b more then happy to here an offer or 2 :twisted:

I don’t think you should have sworn… Anyway - the dark knights clan hasn’t got a pking section yet, Look in the clan derectory, im sure theres a clan 4 u

ok handemedown i did evrythhing i had to doo now what?