sellin 100 laws-100k

sellin 100 laws-100k
my rsn is charlie 456 i wont be on tonight but i will be 2 morrow

:twisted: charlie 456 :twisted:

thats the biggest joke i have ever seen dude…1k each!!!
-sorry about flaming you but that is one good joke! :oops: :wink:

Yeah… good luck finding a buyer at 1k per law. The only people who ever buy laws for that much are those that are extremely desparate to teleport somewhere, and even then they’ll only buy one or two laws at that price. I’ve got about 1k laws for sale - 450 each if anyone’s interested. (Sorry for advertising in your post - just thought I’d throw out a more reasonable price to buyers.)

sry im just pi$$ed b/c i bought 100 laws 4 60k (i got ripped) so i guess does ne 1 wanna buy 4 600 ea?